General Regulations

General Regulations



Download General Regulation FIER 2019 here






1.1 INTERNATIONAL FIER: International Fair of Renewable Energies and Sustainability (FIER as its initials in Spanish) organized by GIGANET GLOBAL S.R.L. hereinafter called the organizers.

1.2 The INTEGRAL REALIZATION of the FIER will be managed by GIGANETGLOBAL S.R.L. and sponsors and external partnersare those that appear in the specific documentation of the Fair.

1.3 The FIER will be in accordance with this General Regulation, forming part of it with equal validity: the rules for the realization of stands; rules for the request and use of additional services; the plans and rates of the Fair, which are automatically given by accepted from the moment of signing the Application Form. Being this Regulation available to participants and being widely disseminated, its knowledge is presumed “iure et de iure.”


2.1 The Executive Committee and the Steering Committee, hereinafter E.C. and S.D. respectively, are the authorities of the Fair and their decisions will therefore be unappealable.

2.2 The E.C. can delegate its authority to any other body of its dependency, and the exclusive application and interpretation of the General Regulation in the face of unforeseen situations is its exclusive faculty.

2.3 The E.C. and the S.D. can, as an exception and when they consider necessary for a better management of the Fair, separate from the regular rules established in this General Regulation, being mandatory their decisions for the participants.


3.1 The FIER will take place in the PabellónOcre of La Rural, in Buenos Aires City, Argentina Republic, from November 6th, 7th and 8th, 2020.






4.1 Governmental organism, representations, private or public institutions, national, international and foreigners, professionals, trade operators and service providers of every sector of the Renewable Energies and Sustainability have the right in participate in the Fair.

4.2 The exponent companies are allowed only to show the products and services they register in the application form. In the case they want to incorporate new products, they have to request it to the E.C. in order to get their approval.

4.3 The FIER reserves the right of admission and staying in the Fair.



5.1 To participate in the FIER all interested companies must present the Application Form filling all aspects requested there.

5.2 The Application Form must be presented in the FIER’S official formulary.

5.3 The FIER will give priority of the space (m2) for those whose participate in the previous edition. In case of not receiving the space requested, FIER will give you the best option available. The Application Form would be accepted once GIGANETGLOBAL S.R.L. emit the credit note and the payment has been made by the expositors.


6.1 The spaces are indicated in the layouts of the Fair with their pertinent numbers and dimensions.

6.2 The prices per square meters (m2) in each space are in the listing prices establish previously by FIER, including the Free Area (without assembly) or Basic Assembly.

6.3 The prices for the spaces established by FIER doesn’t include Value Added Tax (VAT), hence it would be added 21% for this concept.

6.4 The VAT will be billed in accordance with the AFIP forms presented by each expositor once the Application Form is completed. This credit note will be checked by the E.C. in order to confirm the documentation realized by the Finances and Administration Department.

6.5 In the case of Free Area without assembly the listing price includes: a) space during the preparation time, exhibition and disassembly; b) Electric power supplies of 220 v (50 W/h by m2) and its consumption (see 21.4); c) carpeted hallways; d) security in common areas (see 7.1.1); e) general cleaning in common areas (see 7.2.1); f) general lighting; g) general consulting and administration (see 7.4); h) credentials and invitations in accordance with footage (see 13.1/6); i) Being part of the official Fair catalog.

6.6 The traded spaces as Basic Assembly not only include what we mentioned before, but also supply: a) carpeted floors in two colors available gray or one similar; b) dividing panels, aluminum structure and white melamine panels of 2,50 m high; c) frontal border or paneling of 0,34 m high; d) graphic adjusted to the paneling in each side; e) Desk and 3 chairs according to the next details: until 20 m21 set (1 desk and 3 chairs) from 21 to 30 m2, 2 sets (2 desks and 6 chairs) from 31 to 40 m2, 3 sets (3 desks and 9 chairs) from 41 to 50 m2, 4 sets (4 desks and 12 chairs); f) A power outlet  of 300W of 16 m2 and 2 power outlets of 300W of 50 m2.

6.7 The expositor cannot give, donate, sale, rent, transfer or sharing the given space not even a part of it.

6.8. The price for the spaces should be pay as following: a) cash; b) 30% (thirty per cent) in the credit note of the Application Form and 70% (seventy per cent) and the remaining in instalments, expired the last term in the previous 48hs of the inauguration day of the Fair, being that day the last chance for the full payment.

6.9 Every delayinstalment would be added a delinquent interest from the moment of its expiration and until the payment is realized applying the Banco de la Nación rates in Argentina for document discount operations.

6.10Failure to comply with any of the payments mentioned above: a) Cancel the reservation or sale of the lot. b) It causes the exhibitor the total loss of the amount previously paid. c) Allows the E.C. to award the space to third parties. The default will be automatic occurring by right, by the mere passage of time, without any judicial or extrajudicial interpellation.

6.11 If on the date established for the inauguration of the FIER, amounts for additional services and / or any other concept will be debited, the authorities may order the closure of the stand without compensation or reimbursement, until such amounts were canceled.

6.12If for any reason, once the total or partial payment has been made, the exhibitor renounces his participation or is unable to participate in the Fair, he will lose all right to the refund of the amount already paid.

6.13TheE.C. has the power to cancel and award to third parties paid spaces that were not occupied 24 hours before the deadline stipulated for the completion of the construction of stands, losing the exhibitor all right to the refund of the amount already paid.

6.14 Any fee that is not canceled on the dates stipulated in the Application Form must be paid at the fair’s sale value at the time of cancellation.



7.1.1 The E.C. establishes general security personnel responsible for order and attention of contingencies, not being responsible for robberies and thefts. During the closing hours to the public, only the security personnel authorized may remain inside the fairgrounds, and those that the E.C. authorizes.

7.1.2 In the pavilions, private security personnel of the exhibitor will not be allowed, except that the E.C. authorizes it.

7.1.3 Exhibitors and their staff are required to allow the examination of the packages and / or vehicles entering and / or leaving the Fairground.

7.1.4 It is recommended that exhibitors and stand personnel that own notebooks or laptops, request free of charge the placement of the corresponding security seal in Attention to Exhibitors, not being responsible the E.C. for the security of the computer device.


7.2.1 The E.C. will have cleaning staff for common spaces. The same will be carried out in an integral way while the Fair is closed and will be maintained during the stay of the public and exhibitors. The cleaning of the stands is at the exclusive expense of the exhibitor.



7.3.1 All stands are supplied with 50 W / h of 220 V electric power for each m2 of surface, free of charge. If you need more energy according to your consumption, you must request it by completing the Form 1: Technical File from


7.4.1 The E.C. of the FIER is at the disposal of the exhibitor in everything that concerns his participation, regulatory aspects, etc.

7.4.2 The E.C. of the FIER and its Technician Department put at the disposal of the exhibitors all the specific consulting they could have, as well as precise data and information about spaces and their dimensions, presence of columns, hydrants, location of nearest energy intake, etc.



8.1.1 The exhibitor will be the only responsible for damages caused to its personnel, to visitors to the Fair that are inside its stand, and / or to its things or goods of any nature, for robbery, theft, fire, lightning, storm, explosion, hail, water penetration, humidity, flood, accident, civil commotion, sabotage or any other source and origin. It will also be responsible for the damages caused by its personnel and / or the things it serves or has in its care, inside and outside its stand. The exhibitor must hire insurance companies of first line that cover all the described risks, for all the time in which he or she is in possession of the space, including the one of the construction and disarming of this. The certificate of this insurance must be presented when taking possession of the space. This insurance must cover the comprehensive Civil Liability arising from damages caused to third parties by the activity that the insured develops within the premises. The amount of coverage must cover damages for a total sum insured not less than US$350,000 with a franchise of US$2,500 per event.

8.1.2 THE ORGANIZERS will give to the exhibitors the amount of deterioration that the stand constructors, truck and / or freight of their companies, for their own account or on account of the stand builders, cause to the fixed and / or provisional facilities of the Fairground.

8.1.3 The exhibitors are obliged to hire – all the staff they need for the development of their activities – during the whole period of assembly, operation and disassembly of the fair, in accordance with the prescriptions of the labor legislation, social security, labor movement and labor risks currently in force. Any finding of alleged irregularity that the labor, social security or tax authority may perform in relation to the personnel hired by the Exhibitor that may fall subsidiary or jointly and severally on to “The Organizer” shall be the exclusive responsibility of the Exhibitor, and the latter must disregard “The Organizer” within 48 hours received the summons of the latter to that effect, all under penalty of responding for damages. The exhibitor cannot, under any circumstance, allow the entrance to the fairground of personnel that does not have the corresponding Employment Permit to work and perform tasks on the stand of the Exhibitor. The exhibitor must deliver the same day of admission of his or her staff to the fair premises the corresponding certificates of Employment Permit facing AFIP and copy of the Work Risks contract with details of the personnel registered facing the respective Work Risk Administrator.

8.1.4 THE ORGANIZERS are not responsible for the damages that may occur to the exhibitor deficiencies in light installations and motive power, drains, air conditioning, etc. Neither is responsible for any alien event the interruption of the services occurs.

8.1.5 The exhibitor is responsible for the security of his or her stand during the visiting hours of the public, as well as in the hours set in points 8.3.2 and 23. In general, his o her responsibility extends throughout the term and time in which is in possession of the space, excepted the limitations of permanence established when the Fair is closed to the visitor.


8.2.1 The exhibitors assume full responsibility for the payment of fees, taxes and contributions that are levied on the activities that take place in their stand.

8.2.2 The exhibitors also assume responsibility before SADAIC, CAPIF, AADI and similar entity that corresponds, for the tariffs or rights that the dispositions of those organisms determine on the diffusion of music and / or television or audiovisual images, in their respective stands. To do so, they must previously prove to the E.C. the payment of the corresponding tariffs.


8.3.1 The exhibitors must observe the assembly periods, in order that the execution of their stand ends according to the Time Plan (see 25.7). Otherwise, they will be sanctioned with a fine of US$5,000, amount that will remain in FIER’s power (it is suggested to the exhibitors to transfer this penalty to the contracts with their respective constructors).

8.3.2 The exhibitor is obliged to cover the attention of his or her stand every day 30 minutes before the opening time and 15 minutes after the closing and to keep staff at his or her stand during all the established hours.

8.3.3The exhibitors will be responsible for cleaning their respective stand, whose will have the obligation to keep it in impeccable condition during the stay of visitors at the Fair. To do this, they have the time prior to the opening (see 8.3.2.), and must deposit the waste in the containers provided for this purpose and never in the corridors.

8.3.4 The exhibitors are obliged to disassemble and remove the construction elements of the stand and to return the space and the provided by FIER in perfect conditions. The construction and promotion elements must be taken outside the premises, not being able to throw any material in the dumps installed for the cleaning of FIER, according to the Time Plan (see 25).

8.3.5 The deteriorations checked will be billed to the owner of the space, who must pay them immediately. Otherwise, you will not be able to withdraw your material. Exhibitors are not authorized to perform repairs of any kind.

8.3.6 The breach of the date to vacate the space authorizes the S.C. and E.C. to carry it out at the exhibitor’s expense and risk, leaving materials and / or items in escrow until the cancellation of the expenses incurred. The FIER will not recognize claims of any nature, arising from the compulsory realization of such disarmament.

8.3.7 In the days and times established for the assembly and disassembly, the security of all the elements of the stands is at the exclusive risk of the exhibitor.


9.1 All the stipulations of these General Regulations, circulars, technical communications, Time Plans, plans, surfaces and prices, are mandatory. As well as the legal norms in force, especially security, hygiene, moral, labor, social security, public order, tax, administrative, etc. The provisions of the General Exhibition Regulations issued by the authorities of the La Rural Fairground are also mandatory. Exhibitors who deviate from the letter or spirit of these rules will be required to regularize their situation within 24 hours. Upon expiration of this period, the E.C. may provide for the total and final closure of the stand, terminating the contractual relationship without the need for any interpellation or compensation or reimbursement of any kind.

9.2 In exceptional cases, the FIER authorities reserve the right to make the modifications to these regulations that they consider convenient for the greater success of the Fair and they will be mandatory for all exhibitors.

9.3 In case it is considered convenient, the authorities of the FIER will draft complementary communications of these norms, which will be opportunely sent; therefore, it is recommended to the exhibitors to transfer this information to the respective designers and constructors of stands, since it is mandatory.

9.4 The authorities of the Fair will carry out successive inspections during the development of the assembly of stands to verify the correct fulfillment of the respective norms. It is duly clarified that in cases where the observations made by E.C. are not immediately corrected, they can execute them and in charge of the exhibiting firm.

9.5 For any controversy arising from this Regulation, the parties submit voluntarily to the jurisdiction of the Ordinary Courts of Buenos Aires City, expressly renouncing the federal jurisdiction and any other exception that may correspond.

9.6 Any type of claim that the exhibitors would like to present regarding the fulfillment of the obligations in charge of THE ORGANIZERS must be presented in writing duly founded facing the E.C. before the end of the disassembly period of the Fair. The breach of this burden will cause the right to decline in the future.


10.1 In case of fortuitous or force majeure events, the authorities of the FIER reserve the right to modify dates, times or deadlines. In case of compulsory cancellation the sums paid by the exhibitors will be refunded after deduction pro rata of the expenses incurred, without any compensation. Also it is considered as a special cause of termination the fulfillment of the settlement agreement condition stipulated by the owner of the Palermo Trade Show, reproduced below: “If due to circumstances attributable to public norms or provisions of competent authority or due to contractual relations between the Assignor and the National State, or any other force majeure, should allocate all or part of the space to an object other than that provided for in this contract, or if the installation or exploitation of the space by the Assignee would be impossible for such causes, the Assignor will not be liable for damages and their obligations will cease through the deposit at the disposal of the Assignee of the sums received or the proportion of them that corresponds.”



11.1 Attendance at the Official Inauguration of FIER will be limited to special invitations that E.C. and the S.D. curse to the national, provincial and municipal authorities, diplomatic corps and representatives of industry, commerce, banking, journalism.

11.2The FIER will be open to invited guests and professional visitors on November 06th, from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. For the general public, to invited guests and professional visitor, it will be enabled on November 07th and 08th from 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

11.3The FIER reserves the right to alter the schedules, if it considers it convenient for a greater success of the Fair.

  1. TO ENTER THE FAIR Exclusively with Credentials, with Invitations or with written authorization from E.C.


12.1.1 The entry time of vehicles during the periods established for this purpose will be those that appear in the Time Plan (see 25).

12.1.2 The entrance of materials and vehicles will be made through the door of Sarmiento, Av. and Colombia street.

12.1.3 For loading and unloading of materials from vehicles parked on the internal parking lot of the Fairground, parking will be for free, for Automobiles: 30 minutes, Trucks: 1 hour, 30 minutes, Trucks: 2 hours, 30 minutes. Exceeding these times La Rural will charge the values that are in force at that date.

12.1.4 During the assembly and disassembly, the USE OF HELMET is a condition for all persons who access and / or remain in the Fairground and Pavilions. Likewise, the validity and obligatory nature of compliance with Law 19587 of Hygiene and Safety at Work with respect to the use of elements and safety conditions for any person who performs tasks in assembly and disassembly is recalled. The Safety Management of La Rural SA (through the Fire, Safety and Hygiene personnel or whoever it designates) in front of detecting the breach of the same ones and previous warning, will be able to solve the permanence in the Fairground of who does not fulfill or to stop the prosecution of the tasks until there is no danger.





12.2.1 The entrance to the Fair for the exhibitors and their staff are those enabled by Sarmiento, Av. 2704, and from underground parking, 30 minutes before the opening of the Fair (see articles 11.2 and 25 of the Time Plan).

12.2.2The exhibitor who, for special reasons, needs to enter with 60 minutes in advance of the opening hours, must request it in writing to the Fair Management with an anticipation of 24 hours. and it will do so in the same conditions described in 12.1.2 and 12.1.3.

12.2.3Suppliers may access before the opening hours of the Fair only if they have the written authorization requested by the exhibitor to the E.C. and in the same conditions described in 12.1.3.

12.2.4Outside of the hours and modalities mentioned in 12.1.1 / 2/3, the presence within the Fairground of other people that belong to the organization of the FIER will not be admitted.

  1. CREDENTIALS All credentials will be given with name, surname and bar code. Blank credentials will not be delivered. All credentials are personal and non-transferable. The improper use of them allows the E.C. to withdraw and prohibit the entrance to the Fair of the people involved in said abnormalities. The credentials issued to minors will not be valid.

13.1 FIER will provide exhibitors with an Exhibitor credential for every 3 m2 occupied (maximum 10). These credentials are intended for the managers and executives of the exhibiting company.To get these credentials, it is mandatory to send the list that shows the ART Registration or Personal Accident insurance of the exhibitors.

13.2 FIER will provide the exhibiting company with a credential for Stand Personnel for every 3 m2 occupied (maximum 10). These credentials are intended for the staff that will attend the stand (receptionists, employees of the firm, etc.). To get these credentials, it is compulsory to send the list that shows the ART Registration or personal accident insurance of stand staff.

13.3 FIER will provide exhibitors with a Stand Builder credential for every 3 m2 of purchased lot (maximum 20). These credentials are only valid during the assembly and disassembly period of the stands. To get these credentials, it is mandatory to send the list that shows the ART Registration or Personal Accident insurance of the builders.

13.4 To asks for the credentials of Stand Personnel and Stand Builder, it is mandatory to send the list that shows the ART Registration or Personal Accident insurance for death and disability: AR$1,000,000 (one million Argentinian pesos) and for medical expenses $50,000 (fifty thousand Argentinian pesos) with a non-repetition clause against Giganet Global S.R.L CUIT (30-71205060-4).

13.5 The additional credentials requested will have an additional cost of $300 at the expense of the holder of the stand.

13.6 The indicated credentials will be delivered to the exhibitor once all the payments have been completed.

13.7 The only valid credentials for admission to the FIER are those officially issued by the authorities of the Fair. All other identification or credentials will have no validity.


14.1 The FIER will provide invitations for exhibitor use in quantities of 2 for each square meter of leased lot (maximum 240). It is recommended to deliver them only to visitors related to the sector of Renewable Energies and Sustainability.

14.2 The only invitations accepted by the door controls to allow access to the FIER will be the official ones delivered by THE ORGANIZERS. Other invitations that may exist will not be valid.


15.1 Any form of advertising and / or promotion within the stand is free, provided that its content does not imply an infraction of the current provisions and that it conforms to what is established in the rules for the realization of stands.

15.2 Sound equipment (radios, microphones, televisions, audiovisuals, etc.) that are installed in permanent or demonstration operation must operate acoustically isolated, not exceeding 40 dB (A) decibels sound pressure level measured at 1 meter of the perimeter of the stand. In the case of not complying with the permitted sound level, you will be received a written notification, if there is no adjustment in 10 minutes, the electric supply will be cut off.

15.3 Musical shows and shows are prohibited within the stands and pavilions.

Those who do not respect this rule or it is found that decibels within the stand are not indicated, it will be notified and encouraged to regularize immediately. In the event that the stand continued with the infringement, the FIER S.D. will proceed -without further formalities- to the power cut. In order to proceed with the power cut, the FIER technical personnel will enter the general board of the stand, where it is installed.

15.4 The exhibitor who performs tasting of beverages or edible products in his or her stand must be in accordance with the regulations established, the persons in charge of this task must have the corresponding sanitary book in force and the certificate of having carried out the manipulation course of food if applicable.


16.1 Making any type of shows or performance within the stand. In case that any exhibitor violates this rule, proceed as detailed in point 15.3.

16.2 There are prohibited as promotion and attraction actions within the stands and the pavilion: the use of popcorn, candies or similar and all cooking and food processing in the stand, the use of balloons inflated with helium, the display of models and / or naked people, and drones.

16.3 Carry out direct sales to the public (except for cases previously requested and authorized by the E.C.)

16.4 Within the Fair, exhibitors may not carry out any type of advertising and / or promotion outside their stands.

16.5 It is prohibited, during exclusive days for professionals, the entry of minors, even accompanied by an adult.

16.6 The installation, on the part of the exhibitors, of WI-FI access points is expressly forbidden, either for connection toInternet or for other functionalities. The main idea of this measure is to avoid interference with the access points provided by La Rural’s internet service. Such interferences could cause the non-functioning of the WI-FI networks present. During the event, all the emissions that take place inside the pavilions will be controlled. If an unauthorized WI-FI private installation is detected, the disconnection of the same will be requested immediately.



17.1 The rules for the project, assembly and disassembly that are established here, are strictly complied. In case of those events that are not contemplated here, the constructions will be adjusted to specifications and regulations emanating from the authorities, from the Palermo Trade Fair, or from the corresponding State technical bodies.

17.2 For stands of less than 24 m2, and if the exhibitor considers that he / she complies with these General Regulations, the previous presentation of the corresponding plans will not be necessary. Considering that any difference or error must be corrected immediately at the mere observation of the E.C.

17.3 The project and direction of any stand of more than 24 m2 must be in charge of a professional (architect or engineer).

17.4 The dimensions and characteristics of the space are those that appear in the plans that the Fair delivers at the time of purchase. For more details or specifications, they should request it to the E.C. (see 19.1)

17.5 The FIER reserves the right to modify the planimetry of the fair for a better functioning and / or general visualization of it. In casethese modifications affect any lot already acquired, the exhibitor will be notified in a timely manner, and its acceptance is mandatory.


18.1 In the period indicated in the Time Plan, it must be submitted to the E.C. for approval: a) Two copies of the stand plan, with a floor and a minimum elevation, bounded and in scale, indicating the materials to be used for the construction of the stand. The plans must have on their cover the following information: PAVILION, STAND NUMBER, NAME OF THE COMPANY AND RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ASSEMBLY, TELEPHONE AND E-MAIL. All this information should be directed to Plans that do not contain this information will not be received. b) The Technical File with all the complete data (form that will be delivered when the lot is purchased). Plans that do not attach complete Form 1: Technical File from not be received.

18.2 The plans presented by the exhibitors will remain in the possession of the E.C., who will have a visual image of the Fair space. The E.C informs the exhibitors or producers of stands, about any errors in the interpretation of the rules, which are reflected in the projects presented. The responsibility is alwaysof the Exhibitor, whom the authorities of FIER recommend to make a translation to their constructor.

18.3 A properly approved floor plan must be in the workplace. Otherwise, its construction may be paralyzed by the authorities of the Fair.

18.4 The E.C. will can proceed to observe the constructions that are intended to be made without complying the standards and even close the stands that in their judgment deserve it, either for simply regulatory reasons, aesthetics, security, uncompleted stand or others.

18.5 In order to start the construction of the stand, the exhibitors must have previously fulfilled the following obligations: a) To have canceled space balances and contracting additional services. b) Having submitted the regulatory documentation within the established deadlines.


19.1 In the spaces with Basic Assembly, the measurements are taken on the paneling axis, which thickness is approximately 5 cm. In addition, according to the modulation of the adopted system, 1 cm should be deducted for each meter of length in the measures of front and bottom of the stand. Therefore, it is recommended that exhibitors consult the Technician Department of the FIER the exact measurements of the leased space for the correct design of their stands.

19.2 The assembly of the stand in Free Spaces acquired without assembly must obligatorily include the construction of the medians (neighboring stand), of 2.50 m high, as a minimum; smooth texture of white color, with neat finishing.

19.3 All buildings must be within the limits of space. No element at any height may overreach.

19.4 The fronts of counters must be at a minimum distance of 0.50 m from the front lines of the spaces.

19.5 The maximum height allowed for the construction of the stands will be 5 (five) meters, measured from the existing floor.

19.6 An element with a floor projection equivalent to 20% of the surface of the lot as a maximum, may reach up to 6 m in height whenever it is withdrawn towards the inside of the space limits and equidistant between parallel sides.

19.7 The “blind” perimeter enclosures on the corridors (up to 2.50 m in height) cannot exceed (on the surface) 50% of the façade on each corridor.

19.8 The elements on the medians (neighboring stand), which exceed 2.50 m height, should be smooth, without joints or reliefs of any kind and white.

19.9 Volumes or plans of any type that exceed 2.50 m height and that have graphics must be removed at least 1 m from the medians.

19.10 The permissible floor load of the Pavilions is 2tn / m2. For higher or specific loads should be consulted to the Technical Department of FIER.

19.11 The hanging of any item in the stands will not be allowed.

19.12 The installation and / or use of filament lamps of any kind is expressly prohibited; (ii) halogen lamps in all formats; (iii) metal halide lamps; (iv) sodium lamps of high or low pressure (v) lamps of mixed technologies mix of any of the above. Only the installation of Light EmittingDiode (LED) technology light sources for all applications will be accepted.


20.1 The stands that have decoration with fabrics or stretched fabrics; like carpets on stage, they must carry out the fireproofing process of it and the presentation to the Technical Department of FIER of their corresponding certificate.

20.2 The identification number of the stand must be clearly visible on each of the fronts of the lot.

20.3 A general power cut key for the stand must have free access (see 21.3).

20.4 The exhibitors that rent spaces that have fire extinguishers and hydrants (see 7.4 / 1 and 2) should leave them in sight and with free access to them.

20.5 In all the stands should be provided access and movement of disabled people. In the case of constructions on raised platforms, an access ramp will be obligatory in each of its fronts.

20.6 The stands that have mezzanines in their projects must request the corresponding authorization from the FIER Technical Department. The presentation of the calculation report corresponding to the mezzanine with a minimum value of 500 Kg / m2 of resistance is mandatory to be approved by La Rural. Its non-compliance will cause the dismantling of the mezzanine by La Rural. This report must be signed by a registered professional (architect or engineer).

20.7 It is an essential condition for the entrance to La Rural, by owners and builders of presentation stands showing their corresponding coverage of ART, Compulsory Life Insurance and / or Personal Accident Insurance, safety helmet and appropriate work clothing.

20.8 The concept for the assembly of the different elements that materialize a stand will be that of ASSEMBLY AND NOT OF MANUFACTURE, that is to say the stands, furniture, exhibitors, platforms, etc. they cannot be grinded, welded or painted by blowtorches inside the Fairground must be manufactured in the workshop and assembled in the Fairground.

20.9 It is strictly forbidden to leave sharp edges or aluminum tips on the platforms of the stands; the protection of these with rubber seals or plastic profiles is mandatory.


21.1 The spaces sold with Basic Assembly include the electrical installation under norms, assuming the FIER the corresponding technical responsibility.

21.2 In the spaces where stands are built under the project, the electrical installation must be in charge of an electrical installer registered in the Institute of Qualification and Accreditations, whose category must be the one that corresponds according to the following fixed table: Installed Power from 0 to 10 kW : LEVEL 3 (Ideal Installer). Installed power from 11 to 50 kW: LEVEL 2 (Technical). Installed Power greater than 50 kW: LEVEL 1 (Professional). It is understood that these professionals must comply obligatorily, in their facilities, with the “Regulation for the execution of electrical installations in real estate” of the Argentine Electrotechnical Association (AEA) – September 1996 edition or the one that replaces it, as well as the indicated in the “Conforming Practice” documents issued by the same Association. Also, they must comply with the provisions of La Rural prior to power supply to the stand, who reserves the right not to do so, if the technical conditions are not those required, for example: the use of parallel type cables or lack of signature of the registered in the supply form.

21.3 For security reasons, a board with general power cut keys of the stand must be available to the authorized personnel of the Fair in the case of any inconvenience. This board must have free access 24 hours.

21.4 The exhibitor has an energy consumption equivalent to 50 W / h per m2 of space which cost is included in the value of this. If you require a higher consumption, (additional energy) you must request it from FIER based on the simultaneous use of power calculation, completing the Form 1: Technical File from on terms stipulated in the Time Plan and whose cost must be paid prior to the initiation of the Fair. (See 25.5). For reasons of a technical nature, additional electricity orders may not be taken after the expiration of the period established for this purpose.

21.5 It is strictly forbidden to make clandestine connections and / or connect higher powers than those requested. Transgressions are punishable by temporary cessation of supply, definitive cessation or closure of the stand, at the judgment of the E.C.

21.6 From a consumption of 20 amperes, the three-phase connection is required, which will be billed at the current cost at the time of the fair.


22.1 Adhere carpet directly on the floor of the pavilions. It must be done with double-sided adhesive tape or similar method. The use of contact cement is prohibited.

22.2 Paint with mist or sprayed paints (using torches or sprayers) or coat with sprayable materials that cause the same effect. Likewise, the use and dilution of paints inside the pavilions with thinner or turpentine type products is prohibited.

22.3 Use building materials or any other kind of wet construction or loose materials (granite, broken stone, sand, sawdust, etc.)

22.4. Produce any type of deterioration such as: painted, perforated, nailed, wells, foundations, glued on floor, walls or any other fixed facility of the property and especially in the dividing panels where only self-adhesive materials can be fixed. Damaged panels will be billed to the stand owner.

22.5 Use any type of heaters and / or appliances that work with gas or liquid fuel or any other flammable element. It is forbidden to enter with pails to the fairground.


23.1 The exhibitors are obliged to remove their belongings, disarm and remove the construction elements of the stand and return the space and the provisions of the FIER (see 25.12) in perfect conditions within the period established in the Time Plan.

23.2 In case that, when dismantling the stand, the constructor leaves in the Site pieces of work, components, parts or elements, etc. that must be removed by the FIER cleaning staff, the exhibitor must pay a fine, at a rate of one thousand (US $ 100) m3.

23.3 The disarmament period will be that specified in the Time Plan (see 25.12). During this period, the security of the stand and all its elements are at the exclusive risk of the exhibitor.

23.4 The exhibitor occupying a basic stand must remove all of its belongings before 2 hours after the fair, since after that period, the removal of paneling and furniture will be carried out, and all material present in the stand will be sent to the container of waste.

23.5 The E.C. will not be responsible for any item of value left in any stand after the Fair (from 20.01 on November 11th, 2019)


24.1 Exhibitors may request the E.C. of the FIER the following Additional Services with Charge: a) Additional energy requesting it by completing Form 1: Technical Sheet from within the deadlines stipulated in the Time Plan (see 25.2) b) Provision of water and drainage requesting it completing the Form 1: Technical Sheet from within the periods stipulated in the Time Plan (see 25.2) c) Three-phase connection by requesting in the same way as specified in aand b.

24.2 Exhibitors may request to the E.C. information on suppliers of the following optional services with charge: a) Rental of equipment, carpet, paneling, etc. b) Additional security. c) Stand cleaning. d) Telephone line and / or telephone at the stand. e) Catering. f) Electrical installers registered. g) Rental of fire extinguishers. h) Internet WI-FI. i) Technological equipment j) Ornamentation.


25.1 Presentation of Stand Plans: until October 10.

25.2 Presentation Form 1, Technical File: until October 10.

25.3 Presentation Form 2, Data for the Catalog: until October 10.

25.4 Presentation Form 3, Request for Credentials: until October 21.

25.5 Payment of Additional Services: before October 21.

25.6 Withdrawal of Credentials and Invitations: from October 18 to October 25 at our Viamonte street offices 640 F.10 of. 11, from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. and since November 5 in the PabellónOcre of La Rural in Exhibitor Service, entering by Sarmiento 2704 or by covered parking.

25.7 Stands Assembly: November 4 from 10.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.; 05 November from 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.

25.8 Income of Goods and Furniture: November 5 from 2.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m., only with light vehicles (cars and utilities).

25.9 Opening Act: November 6 at 10:00 AM.

25.10 Opening period exclusive for Professionals : November 06, from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm. (for Exhibitors and Stand Staff, 10:30 a.m.).

25.11 Opening period for Public and Professionals: 07 and 08 November from 2.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. (Entrance of Exhibitors and stand staff, 1:30 p.m.).

25.12 Disassembly and removal of materials: November 09 from 9.00 p.m. to November 11

at  8.00 pm. (running schedule).

25.13 Delivery of the batch clean and free of exhibitor’s items: November 10 at 8:00 p.m.




These figures are orientated based on a lot of 4 x 3 meters. You must consider the measurements of the lot you have purchased.

If you have any doubt, contact FIER’s Technical Department:

 Tel: 5411 4322 0910 / 5411 4322 5420




  • With perimeter paneling
  • With lighting (50 W x m2)
  • With receptacle (up to 300 W)
  • With gray carpet
  • With equipment according to contracted m2
  • With standardized graph