The path to the carbon neutral

Argentina is joining to the effort diversifying its energetic matrix though renewable sources. The Law number 27.191 of 2015 establishes to reach 20% of electrical national energy consumption by 2025 with renewable sources.

With the recent sanction made by Regime for the Promotion of Distributed Generation of Renewable Energy Integrated to the Public Electric Network, Law number 27,724 of 2017, the figure of the user-generator is created, which allows all users of the distribution network, self-generate and consume renewable energy, also making possible the injection into the network of its eventual surplus. Residential and industrial users and traders (those who aren’t part of the Wholesale Electricity Market Agents) will be able to self-generate energy with renewable sources.
The growing of Distributed Generation of the renewable source will lead us to a more decentralized energetic matrix, making possible that user-generator accomplish a more efficient and energetic freedom.