Paris Agreement establishes a commitment to avoid an increase in global temperature

This challenge implicates urgent actions to the energetic transition, the decarbonization of the economy and a more sustainable development.
A sustainable development seeks to promote the well-being of the current and future population, which implicates connect a social development and economic grow with the adequate environmental management in urban field.
In spaces with more human concentration, the sustainability must be priority.
The world is developing in more and more cities, this makes us capable actors to think of in more connect cities, integrates, sustainable and focus on the well-being of the communities that live in.
In this scenario is need not only the concept of more sustainable cities, but also the transformation of them through urban compatibles solutions with the environment, in which their habitants compromise themselves to a responsible consumption.
In a sustainable city the infrastructure, housing, mobility and green spaces must to be created in an urban and territorial planning taking into account the carbon neutral.